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Whether you’re playing Rogue Tower Cheats for the first time, or you’re a seasoned veteran, you’ll find a variety of strategies to help you win. The first thing you’ll need to do is choose a direction for your expansion. You’ll also need to protect your towers against the enemies that try to attack them.

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To make your defenses more effective, you’ll want to upgrade your towers. This involves spending XP to buy new upgrades. You can pay to increase the percentage of each stat that your towers have. The upgrades are grouped into three types. Each type has its own set of benefits. For example, upgrading a minespit tower will give it more mana.

If you want to increase the damage that your towers do, you’ll need to increase their range. You can also increase their crit chances. But, the best upgrades to invest in are passive damage bonuses. These upgrades give your towers bonus damage based on the multipliers they have. They’re also good for spreading DoTs.

Rogue Tower XP Cheat

You can also buy mana banks to increase your mana. These are not as efficient as siphons, but they can be a great way to keep your mana up.

The best upgrades for health and shield regen are passive damage bonuses. They’re not as useful as Iron Veins or Card Draw, but they can be helpful in a pinch. Also, the extra damage that bleed/burn/poison upgrades give is very useful.

You’ll want to place your towers on hills to benefit from their increased damage. The highest hills will give your towers bonus damage for all three damage bases. You can also place your towers in the path of an occult shrine to receive stacking bonus damage.

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Plane attack attacks infrequently and is a good force multiplier. It’s also good against health and shields. Alternatively, you can use a ballista to attack everything within range. They’re good against health, but they’re not very good against armor. You can also upgrade to a Shredder tower. It’s good against health, shields, and armor.

You can also use the short range doom laser to single targets and clean up enemies with low health. This is good for dealing damage to armor and shields, but it consumes mana.

You’ll also want to invest in mana veins to improve the health of your towers. They’re not as useful as iron veins or siphons, but they’re always helpful when you’re using expensive towers. And extra gold is always useful. And, don’t forget to place your towers on the level that the resource you need is at. This will make your game easier and faster. You can also change the fast forward mod settings to make your game faster.

If you’re playing Rogue Tower, you’ll need to use your resources wisely. You’ll earn experience by destroying enemies and you’ll earn money to buy more towers. You can also purchase upgrades to help you win. These upgrades are nicer than they seem.

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