Hack Assembly Language Cheat Sheet – 2023

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Unlike the ancient Chinese slingshot, Hack Assembly Language Cheat Sheet is a modern day programming language that has made it into the mainstream. It was created by Meta as a PHP dialect and is licensed under the MIT open source license. It’s also easy to use and boasts a rich suite of libraries. It is used by the likes of Burp Suit and Metasploit, the latter of which is a popular tool for performing security testing of web applications.

Hack Assembly Language Cheat Sheet

Hack is made up of two memory modules, a CPU and a few peripheral devices. One of these is a NEON co-processor, which is a floating point unit that works with ARMv6 processors. It also includes a single-word memory map located in RAM address 24576 (0x6000).

Hack’s multi-cored CPU is accompanied by two memory modules. The first one is a general purpose data register. The second is a special purpose memory module known as an ALU. The ALU has two data ports, and the contents of the D register are always presented to one of them. The ALU is tasked with computing a fixed set of functions on the D register. Its output can be stored in the A and D registers. The ALU is a tad more powerful than its inputs, and this is reflected in the higher CPU clock speeds.

It’s also not a bad idea to include a few “hacks” into your programming arsenal, as these will help you avoid the dreaded ostracism.

Hack Assembly Language Cheat Sheet

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