Aimbotting Viktor Paladins [Free Cheats & Hacks]- 2023

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Regardless of whether you are new to the game or are an experienced player, Viktor Aimbot Paladins is a good choice. Not only is he easy to learn, but he also has plenty of skills that make him a reliable member of your team.

Paladins Viktor Aimbot Download

Viktor’s grenade has an 8 second cooldown, but when it hits, it explodes for 75 damage. It’s also capable of doing damage in cover and can kill enemies in range.

While it’s tempting to shoot from close range, it’s also wise to attack from distance. This way, you’ll be able to hit your opponent easier. You can also use your movement ability to quickly escape the radius, if you want.

The Barrage is one of Viktor’s best abilities. When used, it creates a ball of fire that travels in a circular path. It hits aerial enemies, shields, and other opponents. It also slows down Viktor’s movement by 60%.

In Pursuit is another powerful ability. It targets an enemy on a kill streak. It deals 960 damage over 1.4 seconds. It is also capable of hitting an invisible opponent with better efficiency.

Viktor’s Assault Rifle has iron sights and can shoot up to 95 meters. It has a slower rate of fire, so it’s not ideal for long engagements. However, it’s accurate and can do 80 DPS.

Finally, Viktor has a Frag Grenade that has a longer radius. It’s less damaging, but it can kill invisible opponents with greater efficiency.

Aimbotting Viktor Paladins

Paladins Viktor Aimbot Download

Viktor Aimbot Paladins



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